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Welcome to FryxCon, a summer board game convention in Karlstad (Sweden).

Join us for 3 days of board gaming in and around the FryxGames headquarters. We will present secret news and early prototypes of coming games, arrange tournaments, auctions, and contests. Naturally, our own games will be readily available for play, but we hope to form an open meeting place for all board gamers and welcome you to bring any other games that you are passionate about.

Place: Bråtebäcksvägen 26, Karlstad

Starts: 3 PM on Friday, July 5

Ends: 3 PM on Sunday, July 7

Non-playing Visitors: Free of charge!

Game Pass: 50 SEK / day. 120 SEK for the entire convention.

Volunteer: If you want a free pass and food tickets, sign up to be a volunteer! (More info coming)

Housing: We are investigating options, more info coming.

Food: We will offer typical convention food (hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.) and snacks at the convention.

Parking: Free parking

Schedule (Open hours):
- Friday 3 - 12 PM (15:00 - 24:00
- Saturday 9 AM to 12 PM (09:00 - 24:00)
- Sunday 9 AM to 3 PM (09:00 - 15:00)