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FryxCon Ticket FryxGames Products

This is a reserved spot at the FryxCon event on July 5th-7th 2024.

Players with tickets have reserved table space for playing and – if needed – floor space for sleeping (bring your own mattress though, we only have the space, not the beds!).

We will release a limited number of tickets, since we have limited table space. Players without tickets may still visit the store, but may only play if there happens to be free space.


A ticket gives you 20% discount on games while at the convention (or 10% discount on bundles which are already discounted).


Your order number and name supplied through this order will be your credentials to gain access to FryxCon, so we advise you to print out or keep a digital copy of the order confirmation when you arrive here.

Please send us an e-mail ( if you have any additional needs or concerns (allergies etc.)

More info on our event page HERE.

11,43 $
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