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We only sell to the countries listed in the Country dropdown in the checkout section, which includes many – but not all – European countries as well as some countries outside Europe. For most countries outside Europe, we use a weight-based shipping cost, and you will have to pay any customs fees that result from your order. Payment is made in advance via credit card or Swish (for Swedish customers), and delivery is normally accomplished within 5 work days in Sweden, and normally within 2 weeks for shipping in Europe. We use Service Points for most shipping, which means the customer may have to travel to a pickup spot to collect their package.

Shipping options:
Weight-based/Flat Rate shipping is sent with UPS/DHL.
SmartSend is a cheaper alternative, but takes a longer time to arrive.
Untracked Letters are sent with the local postal service.

If you choose to use an untracked shipping method (available for the smallest packages to allow decent shipping rates), we do not take responsibility for lost packages, but our experience is that packages very rarely get lost.

We store your contact information for our shipping services, and to track refunds and other follow-up issues your order may lead to.

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