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We produced our own sleeves for a new standard size of cards. The new card size is 55x77mm. There are several reasons for a new standard in card sizes:

  • The largest standard is the TCG size, which is measured in inches (2.5" x 3.5"). This size is not elegant in metrics, at 63.5 x 88.9mm. So a new standard using metrics would be better.
  • There is a EU counterpart using the metrics system, but it simplifies the size to 63x88mm, which doesn't preserve the aspect ratio.
  • There are smaller cards, but the largest standard is a half-sized version. Those cards are very small. However, there are many games where you would need something larger than half, but smaller than standard. This was true for our game Orbital, and later also for Angel Fury.
  • The new size we implemented is easy to hold in hand, even for kids.
  • The new size preserves the 5:7 aspect ratio, making it easy to translate to from TCG cards.
  • The new size lies in between the half-sized cards and standard TCG size, but closer to the TCG cards.
  • This allows a moderate amount of information.

The following games use this new system (as far as we know):