Game Summaries

April 14, 2023
8 min read

Want a short introduction to what our games are all about? Let’s dive right into them!

Terraforming Mars

1-5 players take the roles of corporations that transform the red planet into a new living world. Terraforming Mars is a card-driven engine builder game, where corporations increase their productions and build grand projects to bring the planet to life.

The game features over 200 unique cards, 12 asymmetrical corporations to play, tile placement, and resource management.

There are currently 5 expansions available:
Hellas & Elysium, Venus Next, Prelude, Colonies, Turmoil.

After the Virus

1-3 players work together to survive the zombie apocalypse. This deck builder runs through a 16 mission campaign where players need to not only survive, but to change the fate of humanity, which has been struck by this deadly zombie virus.

Unlike other deck builders, players must shuffle in new zombie cards in increasing numbers each time they reshuffle their decks. With equipment and weapons they must rid their deck before they are overrun by the zombies within.

There is 1 expansion for this game: The Long Cold.

Angel Fury

1-4 players enter the spiritual realm where angels and demons battle over a human soul. Players are archangels and archdemons who command their armies to secure strategical areas on the battlefield, including resource areas and altars. The first player or team to reach 7 soul points wins.

This game combines the best parts of epic miniature war games with modern board game concepts such as deck building and hand management.

Terraforming Mars: The Dice Game

In this smaller, shorter, and simpler version of the original Terraforming Mars, players use resource dice to drive their corporation economies. We made this game to be the ultimate lightweight version of the game, suitable for younger players and when you only have 1 hour to play.

StarScrappers: Orbital

This is a remake of our 2012 release Space Station. 1-5 players compete for glory by building their space stations in this alien world. Modules of different types are needed to thrive. Will you focus on science, crew size, economy, structural integrity, or military might as you strive for victory?

GET: Monster Get U

The monster is out to get you! In this fast paced game of catch, 2 players are chasing each other using a simple track-building mechanic with cards. The human places track cards to escape the monster, who needs to match the path to catch up. With dynamites and bombs in the mix, you’re not safe till it’s over.

Brawling Barons

2 players face off in a duel of the minds in this tactical card game. To please the king, the barons (players) need to expand his kingdom by constructing buildings or to send military units to his army. The twist is that players ultimately decide when the game ends by extracting resources (cards from the main pile). When the last card is drawn, the game is over, and the player with the most points wins. However, players can also return cards to the deck to prolong the game, and if scores are tied, the player who takes the last card loses.

Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition

This streamlined version of the original Terraforming Mars lets players focus more on their card combinations. The aim is the same, to terraform Mars, but game play is faster and simpler.

There are 3 expansions for this game: Discovery, Foundations, Crisis.